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Around two years ago now I completed a collaboration of sorts with the Somerset-based composer Jon Michaelson (curveballelectronic.bandcamp.com). This is titled Tunnelling, and is essentially the addition of an ambient-melodic guitar backdrop to his short, originally solo, 'piano' composition of same. We are both proud of the outcome, and Jon agreed to my inclusion of it on the planned forthcoming CD release of Some Must Watch While Some Must Sleep (as described below), really as a bonus track; though I feel strongly that it sits very nicely within the context of the other pieces. This is now available as a download via the a s y l u m p e a c e  Bandcamp site (links above and below). 

The plan for a simultaneous release of both Some Must Watch... and All The Ends...  on  a hard format (CD/vinyl/compact cassette) remains in place. Concept and production preparations continue, at  - as I always say  -  my usual ponderous, intermittent at times, but dogged pace.

The following I do retain, very sincerely, from previous announcements:

I remain ever grateful for and humbled by the interest and support shown in my, until now, download-only releases. I acknowledge this especially in view of my almost 'persona non grata' status in the wider context of the multitudinous number of amazing, creative and successful (however you measure that on the relative spectrum of 'success': I heard a wonderful phrase recently - in a film the title of which I don't recall at this particular moment; simply: 'success is the joy you feel'. I thought that was rather lovely, and profound in the most understated of ways) artists out there. 

To stream, purchase or find out more about  the music, please follow the Bandcamp link below or Music; or to inquire, you can contact me (I'd love to hear from you) at: asylumpeace@europe.com

Love and peace of mind to all and much thanks indeed, as always, for your very kind support and interest.    Christopher 

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To hear the tracks on this collection, and to have the option of downloading the album or individual tracks, go to: 

Or...click on the player below to hear two short montages of the album's tracks.

NEWS: 15th Sep 2018

Work continues on recording and production of a new album, to be titled 'The Wayfarer and The Son'; a collection of recent recording work (that is, over the past two years and more), reworking of some older ideas, as well as ideas yet to be 'distilled'. The release of this was planned for this Summer 2018, but is now postponed for the time being. All being well, a concentrated recording session will take place during October 2018; and from this the new collection and release will, hopefully, be realised. 'Perceptible Light...' (now on Bandcamp) is from the new album. The background piece to the 'Gallery' page is also a 'demo' foretaste of a track currently named 'Tigris' (see also Cloudland Blue Quartet news, above) The new collection will carry on the existing aesthetic but also bring in some new elements and influences, of the sea, rural and coastal landscapes; and some vocal settings.


I am pleased to have been able to contribute in a very small collaborative way to the new release by Edinburgh-based musician and artist David Reilly, AKA Cloudland Blue Quartet. The release is a retrospective of David's expansive and beautiful back catalogue, spanning 40 years of music production, titled Rubinmusik 1977-2017. Last year, David did an edit/remix of a new guitar-based soundscape, included on Rubinmusik... as Tigris, Birds and Radio. Rubinmusik 1977-2017  is a marvellous compilation and testament to Reilly's depth of creativity (check out CBQ at cloudlandbluequartet.bandcamp.com)

a s y l u m p e a c e  track White Orchid (a Lovescape)  (excerpt) in  The Wire Tapper 37

All copies of the April 2015 issue of The Wire will come complete with an exclusive free CD attached to the cover, The Wire Tapper 37, the latest volume in the acclaimed series of new music compilations.

As with previous volumes this CD, which has been compiled by Shane Woolman, Andy Tait and Katie Gibbons, is packaged in a heavy duty card sleeve designed by The Wire's art director Ben Weaver,a nd contains a range of new, rare or exclusive tracks from across the spectrum of the kind of underground/outsider musics covered in The Wire [Click on the cover image right]. 

Some Must Watch While Some Must Sleep montage:

Part 1: Grafted > On Waking (I Instantly Understood) > Opus 1934 > Some Must Watch... > The Raegid Sparrow > Supplication of Silence >Part 2: Grafted > On Waking... > Some Must watch... > Supplication...> Opus 1934

All The Ends of All The Roads montage:

All the Ends of All The Roads > Kindness of Strangers > The Just One > Ikareum > Konvergenz > Only Alive (Because of k.t.) > South For Winter > White Orchid (a Lovescape) > Kindness of Strangers > Ikareum > Only Alive... > South For Winter > Konvergenz > White Orchid > All The Ends of All the Roads

The new collection - All The Ends of All The Roads - is NOW RELEASED!

"A thousand thanks to all who have made kind enquiries about this, and for your patience. I hope it's in some way been worth the wait; well it has been for me, from an intrinsic point of view". c.a.

To hear the album and have the option of downloading it, please go to the Bandcamp link.

Included in the download is a bonus track - Konvergenz.

Or...click on the player below left for a montage of the album's tracks.

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