New Lanark, Scotland

Above left and right:A1 Auto & Wrecking, Arizona, USA, October 2013

We came across this car breakers yard in the desert on the 93 Highway somewhere between Boulder City and Kingman, and close to the Chloride turn. With the owner's permission I snapped it on my tablet and on a Polaroid camera. I used the latter as basis for artwork to illustrate a live piece titled 'A Bitter Earth?' (though the title actually derives from my mis-hearing of the phrase "a bit of earth" from the Agnieszka Holland film The Secret Garden). 

Driving on the same route in January 2016 we noted that the auto museum-retirement home-graveyard had disappeared, been cleared completely. For some reason I was quite saddened though not surprised by this. I was glad that I had taken these, what transpired to be, truly 'vanishing America' shots. 


3rd May 2017:

The studio is moving week beginning May 8th! After many years (twelve plus) the log cabin cottage industry, it will no longer be ensconced amid the aroma of pine. Still, I'm happy to say, the 'studio' will continue in various forms, and will retain the name. This is a chosen and exciting move, to an environment that I know will bring manifold fresh sources of inspiration. Clues above to the new environ (or very close-to). 

   Studio Tre

          near Edinburgh, Scotland

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